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Group Settings

Groups can be used to represent real groups that meet together or for virtual groups with a common purpose.

Joining Policy

  • Open - Users can add themselves to this group
  • Controlled - The group owner will control the group membership


The leaders or administrators of the group

Sending Policy

  • Open: anyone on the internet can send to this group
  • Members: only members can email the group
  • Leaders: only the group leaders/owners can send to this group

Group Email

This where the email address for the group is set. Group email addresses are always of the form groups+{mylist}

Only enter the mylist part e.g. - a group called 'news' would become - a group called 'finance' would become

the group email name must conform to email standards, no symbols, no spaces. Avoid hyphens and underscores as the groups+ format is already confusing.