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Sending Email

There are three ways to send email from Sheep:

1. Adhoc Email

This is when you want to send a note to a group of people using your regular email client.

  • build the filters
  • export to XLS
  • copy email addresses into bcc field of email client
  • compose and send

This is the simplest and most flexible method. It is not suitable for large numbers of recipients. (Steps 2 & 3 of this method will be replaced in a future version of Sheep)

2. Automated Template Email

You have a template message with some variable elements that you want to send regularly.

  • define the filters (these are then written into the software)
  • design the email template
  • set the frequency to run the filter/email

example template from PostMark

example from PostMark

Use this when you have a repeated message that you want to send e.g. Booking confirmations, Donation thank you, staff rota changes, membership renewal reminders. You have control over the template but the query is embedded in the software so isn’t self-service.

3. Email Campaign (MailChimp)

For sending a one-off template message to large numbers of people.

  • Create new campaign in MailChimp
  • Build the recipient list using data pushed from Sheep
  • Send

MailChimp Campaign

Sheep is synchronised with MailChimp and any tags assigned in Sheep are available in Mailchimp (other fields can be sync’d on request). The synchronisation is automatic (over night) so MailChimp need no further data from Sheep for your campaign.