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There are times when it is helpful to manage staff separate from a booking, for example: maintenance tasks, or covering the front desk at your venue. Sheep will allow you to create 'Shift' slots to manage these cases.

Creating your 'Shift' activity resource

  1. Logged in with admin rights, click + on any page
  2. Select Bookable Resource as your Resource Type
  3. Name your new resource (e.g. Shift)
  4. Select a type of Activity
  5. If applicable, fill in the remaining fields
  6. Ensure the Duty Activity switch is set to Yes
  7. Click Save

NB: Sheep currently works best with a single Duty Activity.

example Shift activity resource being created

Now your 'Shift' is set up, navigate to the Staffing Stream Alongside any booking activities, your stream will now be filled with a Shift card for each day. The first time it may take a few minutes for Sheep to pick up the new Duty Activity.

  • Click 'Add Shift' on the day you wish to work with.
  • Fill in the fields as appropriate

example New Shift form

Shifts can be staffed as they are created, or this can easily be done separately