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Managing a church electoral roll

The Electoral Roll of an Anglican church is the roll of lay members entitled to take part in the annual parish meeting.

Create a new group to hold the Roll

  1. a new group, something like 2015 Electoral Roll (putting the number first will bring it out at the top of the list of groups).
  2. set the ownership of the group

Open or Controlled?

If you want the roll to be self service set the joining policy to 'open' while the roll is being updated. When it is complete set the policy to controlled so that further self-service edits are prevented.

Self service instructions for members:

  1. ask members to log on
  2. click 'View and edit my details'
  3. check their details
  4. if not already set: choose inside/outside parish
  5. click 'groups' from the left menu to view their group membership
  6. click ‘Join Group’ next to the appropriate group e.g. '2015 Electoral Roll'.

Exporting the roll

  1. navigate to the directory
  2. filter the groups by appropriate group e.g. '2015 Electoral Roll'
  3. click the green export button in the top right